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December 7, 2016

iMedia Agency Awards 2016 – Local Agency PMG in Fort Worth Wins Agency of the Year

iMedia is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 iMedia Agency Awards. The awards recognize agencies that drove industry innovation throughout the year, one marketer who helped bring his agency to the front of the pack, and one campaign that deserves special attention. Read on to find out who won in each of the five categories, as well as the other nominees and the criteria for selection.

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September 12, 2016

Expanding the Footprint for Continued Digital Media Education

When IAB developed the Certification Program in 2012, our mission was two-fold. The first part was to create a benchmark so employers, clients, and peers could easily identify if a professional had the baseline knowledge required to perform in their digital media role.

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Industry News

  • Twin Peaks Fans Are Salivating Over Mysterious Pie Billboards That Suddenly Popped Up
    As we know from the recent uptick in people on social media pretending they understood Twin Peaks, a remake of David Lynch's surreal ABC series is coming to Showtime soon. The advance marketing has been just as odd as you'd expect, with backwards-talking phone messages for Australian fans and weird ... read more
    Source: Adweek AdfreakPublished on 2017-03-24By Adweek Staff
  • Dell Technologies and Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright Tackle Clarke’s Third Law in Y&R Ads
    It's not magic. It's science. That's the familiar spirit of a new campaign from Dell Technologies--the company's first major advertising rollout since forming via the merger of Dell and EMC last fall. Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright plays spokesman in a series of ads emphasizing the corporation's computing contributions to a ... read more
    Source: Adweek AdfreakPublished on 2017-03-24By Adweek Staff
  • Mexico Just Made a Cloud That Rains Tequila, So Maybe We’ll Be OK After All
    As part of a tasty new tourism campaign, ad agency Lapiz just made Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a reality. But instead of soup and juice, this futuristic cloud rains something altogether more buzzy--tequila. Lapiz, a unit of Leo Burnett, used ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency ... read more
    Source: Adweek AdfreakPublished on 2017-03-24By Adweek Staff