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October 24, 2014

Digital Advertising for the 2014 Holiday

from the blog May 20, 2014 2014 EIMA Winners On May 8th, we proudly announced the winners of the DFWIMA 14th annual Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards (EIMA) Show that took place at the Fashion Institute Gallery in Dallas. The top honor (Best in Show) of the evening went to Dallas agency Wright IMC for... Read more »

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September 9, 2014

Innovative Wearable Devices You Might have Missed

Unless you were hiding in your apocalypse-prepper bomb shelter checking the expiration dates on the MREs you stashed down there half a decade ago, you probably noticed that Apple debuted their new wearable device today - the Apple Watch. (Don't you dare call it the iWatch!) While wearable devices are not exactly a new idea, it's still a very new segment in the market designed to satiate our voracity for smart technology. In traditional Apple style, while they may not have been the first to market, they certainly set the bar way over the heads of just about every other wearable device manufacturer that rushed to exchange hardware for dollars.

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  • An FCC Commissioner’s Reddit AMA Went About as Terribly as You’d Expect
    Passionate support of net neutrality and vocal skepticism of government regulators are two of the few opinions shared by a majority of Redditors, as an FCC commissioner learned first-hand in a Friday AMA. Reddit's AMA ("As Me Anything") sessions have become frequent stops on the PR train for… ... read more
    Source: Adweek Technology Published on 2014-11-22
  • StubHub Gooses Its Digital Content With Katy Perry Concert Prank Video
    Anyone who has purchased concert or sports tickets knows the ongoing struggle against hidden fees. Ticket resale company StubHub decided to play on those frustrations in its latest online Web series, which pranks customers into thinking they have to pay extra for their experience. The latest video in… ... read more
    Source: Adweek Technology Published on 2014-11-21
  • 10 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Week: Nov. 17-21
    Here are this week's 10 most enticing data points from the digital marketing space, including stats from newsmakers Google and Uber. Check them out below. 1. Google's humongous Times Square digital billboard caught people's attention this week—even if they weren't in midtown Manhattan. According to stats from SapientNitro's… ... read more
    Source: Adweek Technology Published on 2014-11-21