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September 9, 2014

Innovative Wearable Devices You Might have Missed

Unless you were hiding in your apocalypse-prepper bomb shelter checking the expiration dates on the MREs you stashed down there half a decade ago, you probably noticed that Apple debuted their new wearable device today - the Apple Watch. (Don't you dare call it the iWatch!) While wearable devices are not exactly a new idea, it's still a very new segment in the market designed to satiate our voracity for smart technology. In traditional Apple style, while they may not have been the first to market, they certainly set the bar way over the heads of just about every other wearable device manufacturer that rushed to exchange hardware for dollars.

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August 25, 2014

iOS Proximity Apps – Can These Location-Enabled Networking Tools Boost Sales?

Have you ever left a conference only to find out later you missed a highly profitable networking opportunity? Or found yourself wandering aimlessly at a social media networking event wondering whether any of your 'tweeps' were in attendance? Thanks to the growing number of proximity-based apps, you can now discover exactly who is in your vicinity so you can introduce yourself and your company. Check out the following five must-have iOS proximity apps for networking. You just might find a business-building tool that will increase your company's profitability.

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Industry News

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  • Marketing Software Company Radius Secures $55M in Funding
    Marketing software company Radius announced a new round of funding worth $54.7 million. The company, started by former Facebook engineer Darian Shirazi, takes a "big data" approach to marketing, and uses data science to hone targeted messages for the right consumer groups. "We believe that the current data… ... read more
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  • This Marketing Pro Practiced His Facebook Ad Targeting by Making His Roommate Completely Paranoid
    Roderick Russell was a bit shocked by just how personalized the ads on his Facebook page were becoming. In the right-hand rail he started seeing messages for cures to a unique malady of his—he's a professional sword swallower but has trouble swallowing his vitamin pills without gagging. So… ... read more
    Source: Adweek Technology Published on 2014-09-23