August 25, 2014

iOS Proximity Apps – Can These Location-Enabled Networking Tools Boost Sales?

Have you ever left a conference only to find out later you missed a highly profitable networking opportunity? Or found yourself wandering aimlessly at a social media networking event wondering whether any of your ‘tweeps’ were in attendance? Thanks to the growing number of proximity-based apps, you can now discover exactly who is in your vicinity so you can introduce yourself and your company. Check out the following five must-have iOS proximity apps for networking. You just might find a business-building tool that will increase your company’s profitability.

In the Room

The In the Room app lets you discover nearby connections. You are able to view the profiles of other In the Room users and connect via text message or email. Discover potential clients for your consulting services or unearth connections for reciprocal business building agreements.

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Pinvents is an extremely useful application for discovering networking opportunities in your area. Pinvents integrates with Facebook to provide details on events based upon the geographic specifics of your account. Discover business seminars, supplier conferences, or even social media networking events in your city or town.

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Here on Biz

The Here on Biz mobile app lets you make connections with other business professionals based upon your current location. You can be flying on an airplane or attending a conference and the Here on Biz application can advise you as to possible business connections in your vicinity. You can also browse the profiles of other users to uncover potential profitable connections.

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Weave lets you discover business professionals in your vicinity. You can anonymously browse through profiles and only connect with individuals you think might be a good fit for your business. You don’t have to worry about being pestered by time-wasters or less-than-profitable business connections as both Weave users need to agree to their data being shared. View in the iTunes Store »


Lanyard is a helpful networking tool for Twitter enthusiasts. This iOS app lets you uncover events your Twitter followers are attending, save event schedules, and even browse attendee directories for local events. You can arrange meet-ups with your Twitter connections, access map data to synchronize destinations, and review past event details like slideshows and presentations. View in the iTunes Store »

Using location-based mobile tools to boost your networking opportunities is a fantastic way to not only increase your contact list but also generate more sales. Maximizing your connections at conferences can help build real-life buzz for your brand. Instead of just promoting your company on social media sites, you can be building relationships with potential clients and business partners you meet at professional networking events. How many of these proximity-based apps will you be adding to your smartphone or tablet?