By volunteering with DFWIMA, you can expand your professional experience and build valuable skills.

In today's era of rapid technological change and evolving market conditions, we've been challenged more than ever before! But this is just what we signed up for - so let us take on these challenges with your help: inspire new ideas through education, support those in need both locally AND abroad, and build connections between people who have different perspectives but can come together over shared interests such as advertising… We know it might sound like magic sometimes but really it’s all you.

Contribute your talents, experience, knowledge, and creativity to your chapter by serving on one of DFWIMA’s Committees. Only when working together as a team can we do great things, and you are what makes DFWIMA great! Check out all the different committees below and see if one is the right fit for you! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

We are actively recruiting committee participants to help in key areas. Click the committee you are interested in joining to see open roles and apply. 

Explore Open Committee Positions: Community | Education | Events |

We are proud to have the best and brightest in our industry supporting the board as committee leads. If you have any questions, please reach out to community@dfwima.org.

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